Welcome to the Home Front Show

Kick off your shoes, have a seat, and make yourself at home. This is a blog with a simple purpose: to provide you with practical paths to victory on your own Home Front.

We all long for home, and it is innate in every human heart to seek and build a nest.  Perhaps we are practicing for Heaven, where home will be all our hearts’ desires—lovely, inspiring, rejuvenating, and rich with song, dance, and every sort of color, light and romance.

Most of all, we long for a place of refuge, a strong front against any and all outside forces, a haven where no evil can befall us.  Perhaps we should call it a keep, castle, or fortress.  But no, there is no word, and there should be no place, like home.

The Home Front Show is my offering, my invitation to you, to let me share what I have learned through the years as not simply a homemaker, but as a Home Treasurer.  I fancy myself (with no vanity; I give Jesus all the credit and glory) something of an expert in the fine art of turning the home into a little bit of Heaven on earth.

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