Did I Say Enough About Respect?

I’m wondering if I said enough about respect in The Maker’s Marriage. And did I say enough about the personal blindness engendered when we look at others’ (our husbands’) faults? Most of all, did I get across the bottom line: It’s not about me, you, our mates–it’s about our relationship with Jesus.

Do we respect the Lord of all good and glorious gifts? Or, do we disrespect Him, and thereby assure that our marriages are not good or glorious or gifts at all?

Apart from Him (which is where I live when I choose my own stupidly selfish way) I not only can do nothing worthwhile, I have nothing worthwhile, and can therefore give nothing worthwhile.

This Christmas, why not give the gift of respect.? I mean to, for sure and for certain. Amen.

So Many Opportunities for Joy, Why Let Anything Steal Them?

We went to a Christmas ballet we’ve dubbed “Ballet Bizarre”.  We looked at the checking account and decided repurposing is indeed a wonderful thing.  It will be our first Christmas with our son overseas in the Middle East.  The world is a powder keg, and our child is in the smack dab middle of it.

And so on.  There are reasons to lament during this Season.  There are reasons (but then aren’t reasons simply excuses?) to Bah Humbug it all.  But I am not one to say “Tis the season to be jolly!, or as I was singing (shouting) all morning, “Tis the season to be Jarry, fah, rah, rah, rah, rah!”, and leave it at that, fun as it may be.

I am here to dig and delve deeply into the Reason for the Season.  I am here to say the money (or lack thereof) in the checking account and the bizarrre-ness of “Art” and the locale of loved ones are simply opportunities to remember Jesus.  This is the season for the ultimate of all beauties – the Love of Christ.

And so the bizarre ballet is an opportunity to be thankful that I have yet another focus for prayer.  The repurposing is a reminder of all the treasures I own that will now grace the lives of others.  The son overseas reminds me that technology can be a wonderful thing – his Christmas package will arrive today or tomorrow most likely, and he will open it in our presence via Internet.

The powder keg world?  Still and as always, Jesus is our refuge and our strength, our high tower and deliverer. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, Amen!

Sharing Him at Christmas can be done with or without cash.  We are opening our home on Christmas Day for the first time.  We will be sharing a Christmas brunch with people the Holy Spirit has put on our hearts to invite, and there will be much merry-making, joy and celebration.  We’re including the most important of guests via the special invitation of prayer, and as always, He will be right on time.

I have decided and decreed that I will not even think, for one moment, thoughts of lack this Christmas, much less speak words of lack.  What indeed, do I lack?  I serve a Risen Savior.

As for those pesky arguments about December 25 not actually being His birthday so what?  I was born December 28 and I would have no problem with people celebrating my birthday on July 28 or whatever day suited them.  What I would have a problem with would be people being upset because they didn’t have a gift for me, or feeling pressured because the day was a reminder of what they lacked in their lives, rather than a reminder that I loved them.

So, that’s it – the key to joy in this Season, no matter what your circumstances:  We must choose to worship and serve and receive His great gift to us all.

Mr. Bennett, in Pride and Prejudice says, “No lace, Mrs. Bennett!”  I say to myself, “No Lack, Mrs. Bev!  You have Jesus and it’s time to celebrate.  Each and every moment of each and every day.”  Jesus the Savior is Born.

You ask me how I know He lives, He lives within my heart.

The Best Use Ever for Popcorn

Every year at Christmas my daughter Rebekah asks for a popcorn garland on the tree, and every year I hem and haw and resist.  But this year I succumbed to her persistence and thanked her for it as well.



It took a couple of very pleasant and peaceful hours around the table for three of us to make enough garland for a nine-foot tree, and what a difference it makes!

The difference truly is in the details – those things that may take a little time and may seem like a chore at first – these are the things that make Christmas magic.

When we decide to make Christmas about the small things, the easily overlooked and underestimated things, the big things seem to fall into place.

Years ago I asked the kids what they wanted to do for Christmas.  They made lists including going to town to see the lights, going to a Christmas Eve candlelight service at a lovely mountain chapel, getting our tree from the woods, having friends for Christmas brunch, making exceptional and traditional desserts for Christmas dinner, keeping the fire going all the time in the fireplace, along with non-stop Christmas music, putting brown packages in the mail to loved ones, making gingerbread, caroling, giving homemade gifts to the merchants in our little town, and . . . making popcorn garlands for the tree.

We’ve done most of the above in most of the years past, except for the popcorn garland.  And this year I’ve come into the season with more Jesus in my heart, more thankfulness, more comfort and joy.  And so, when a child asks yet again for a desire of her heart, the Love of Christ trumped the laziness of Bev, and we made our tree the best it’s ever been.

Over and over we comment on it:  this is the best tree ever, and it’s because of the popcorn; I just love the popcorn; the popcorn really adds something, doesn’t it?; and so forth.

I ponder this in my heart.  What makes Christmas wonderful?  I will never be false enough to say it’s not about the presents, because I am enough of a child at heart to know that indeed, it is about the presents.  The presents – both the giving and the receiving of them – are the participating with Jesus in showing love.

The problem with gifts is the thinking that they have to come from the electronics department, must be only affordable via credit card to be valuable, and that they’re only available from under the tree on Christmas Day.

I say Christmas can and must be practice for the giving of gifts all the time, everywhere and every way possible.  This past Monday I gave the gift of listening even more than usual.  I put aside my plans for the day and simply listened carefully and closely to everyone around me.  And it was as though they had radar (Mom’s available) – I was listening to someone almost all day long, and well into the evening.

Yesterday John and I went to town for snow tires and out to breakfast.  I’m took a gift of fine chocolates to give to our waitress.  We did this a couple of weeks ago, and our waitress “happened” to be having a baby, one due on Christmas Day.  She was delighted, but not so much as were we.

So back to yesterday.  We prayed about where to eat, and that we’d sit with the waitress of His choosing.  When I gave her the gift her face kind of melted and she asked if she could open it right then and there.  “I wasn’t going to do Christmas this year,” she said.  “I’m a big family person and all my family is far away and so I was just going to forget about it.”  Turns out her family is in Indiana (she’s in Colorado).  I tried not to cry as the conversation continued.  “God did that,” I said to John when she walked away.  He nodded, a bit misty-eyed as well.

Tomorrow there will be more opportunities to give – opportunities I will not only pray to see, but I will be on the lookout when God answers my prayer, which He undoubtedly will.  He’s all about giving.  And He’s in the details, like popcorn garlands on a tree, just because a child’s heart will be made glad because of them.  What more reason do we need?

Merry Christmas!