Manage or be Managed-Grandkids or Conversation?

In contemplating the aggravation and utter waste of time the Net can be, I am exercising my right to “Just say No” to cat videos, political videos, funny yard signs, all things celebrity, and anything else wholly unconnected with my peace and wellbeing. I will no longer submit myself to the tyranny of people sticking their phones, uninvited, into my face and insisting I watch this or that thing that will surely enhance my life.

This because I have found myself doing the same thing of late. Aaarrrgh! I have fallen into the habits of those around me. The next thing you know I will be showing pictures of my daughter’s dog to strangers on the street because well, everyone loves to talk about dogs, right?

So, in an effort to actually have something of value to talk about, should an occasion for real connection arise, I will stop being programmed and managed by whatever stuff comes my way, and I will manage my life, my time, my brain, my heart.

I am so looking forward to implementing this via saying to all and sundry, “I am taking an electronic vacation, so don’t expect me to be reading e-mails, or to watch anything at all on your phone, or know what’s going on in the political world. I am going to do this through the holidays, and if I need to tweak it (taking my cell to town so husband can reach me and remind me to get celery for the dressing or some such) I will.” I will be steering this recalcitrant electronic boat, not be taken willy nilly whereever the e-tides may take me.

The Bible tells us to guard our hearts will all diligence. I see this as guarding my heart.

Yay! I’m back and have good things for you!

I have successfully navigated my site and got things going again–finally!

This means, dear readers, I can begin sharing what I’ve been up to on YouTube, which I will now do with today’s broadcasts. If you like these, please do share them, and thanks very much!


P.S. There’s a Part II – still working out how to keep everything on the same video . . . So, come back for Part II or go to YouTube and search “Bev Parker at Home”.

Calling Writers and Other Artists

Today’s broadcast will be for those who believe Bill Johnson’s exhortation, “When at war, create.” The first of many Wednesday broadcasts dedicated to all creative endeavorers, but especially to writers, this one will be about becoming childlike.

Also, because this is my broadcast, there will necessarily be mention of at least one helpful book–today’s authors are Fiona Ferris and yours truly!

I would like to say join me at 11:00, but with our current internet status (on/off, on/off due to efforts at installing a new system) I will just say, “Today, yay!” and pray.



P.S. Before you think this is probably not for you, remember all of life is an opportunity to create, to take something in your imagination and give it substance. I am speaking particularly here to homemakers, those of you imagining a perfectly lovely life at home (I wrote my first book–quite awful, but still . . . when I had four little kids at home). This video will be short and sweet, so tune in and be glad you did.

Taming the Tongue and John Adams with Tea

I am not even four hours late! Since it appears that our “new and improved” internet service isn’t really quite that (on and off all day) I am not going to promise to be on at 11:00. But I will be on!

As for today’s broadcast–Tea and Tongue Taming and John Adams (plus other good things, like low-cost and low stress tea parties), here you go, and please remember to pass it on, subscribe, like, and rave about it to anyone who might enjoy it: