Early Morning Rain, Jesus, Testosterone, Good Books, Babies, and so Forth


I cut and pasted these from my 2009 Facebook “25 Things” because it made me happy to read, and because I think it will be fun to add to it.

1. I love quiet time with Jesus early, early in the morning, and a nap in the afternoon.
2. I love putting in a load of laundry at 4:00 a.m. before I build a fire, make a cuppa or indulge in my latest new coffee, and settle in for quiet time.
3. I love being a member of the revolution Jesus started 2000 years ago.
4. I love rain. And more rain. Long, grey, dreary rainstorms.
5. With good books, like five or ten, fiction and non-fiction.
6. And a journal with colored pens, and a legal pad for absolutely mindless scribbling.
7. I love sending letters on nice stationery with lots of stickers and a pretty stamp.
8. I love watching my kids out the window on their sleds.
9. I love it when they wipe out and shriek with laughter, only to be pounced on by the dog, and get up and do it again!
10. I love John.
11. I love men who are so manly the testosterone drips off them, but they wear pink proudly, and are really good at comforting babies and changing diapers (John).
12. I love men who sing country love songs and hold my hand and sound like Vince Gill (yes, you guessed it – John).
13. I love men who love like Jesus – John, and also my dad.
14. I love my friends and all my family, especially all those little babies I have never seen.
15. I love big hardwood trees in the fall.
16. I love Fall.
17. I love God’s new mercies every morning.
18. I love color, lots of clear, bright color, or soft, muted colors. And light – iridescent, translucent, luminous, shimmering light.
19. Like on water. I love water, especially the Pacific ocean, but any water will do. I even love mud puddles.

20. I love to travel. Even if it’s just a new dirt road close to home.
21. I love conversations with friends.
22. I love home schooling, and all my great teachers – my children.  And talking about home schooling with other home schoolers.
23. I love studying my kids, discovering them, marveling at God’s genius in creating them.
24. I love marriage. And chocolate.
25. I love whipping the devil’s butt when he tries to make me afraid. I love Jesus.

April, 2015 – And smiling teenagers teaching themselves without any Mom-prodding.


Something in the Mail!


We get our mail at the post office, in a little box of our own.  Some days there’s nothing, some days there’s worse than nothing – things I take home to trash. And some days, once in a while, there is a card or a letter, from someone who loves me, who prays for me before I even ask.

Alexandra Stoddard wrote a book whose title says it all:  The Gift of a Letter.  Yes, I buy books by authors with whom I see eye to eye, who don’t tell me anything I didn’t already know.  Why?  Because they remind me of things I may have misplaced.  Important things, like say, cards and letters.

Your friends will agree with me – a card or a letter is a treat, a tangible and forever treasured proof of love.  Not so a generic one-size-fits-all notice on Facebook.

You can cheat like I do.  Type all the news and print it out before tucking it into a card with just a few hand-scribbled words.  You can even cut and paste parts of e-mails and print them.  Add in a comic strip you cut out of the newspaper, a dried flower or sticker, a great quote, the name of a good book you just read, or a picture of you looking your worst so they’ll feel better.  Ask them how they are and what is new and what their kids/friends/dogs are up to.

If this all seems like a bit much, just do the prep for now.  Copy these words as a model – you’ll recall this from childhood:  Dear Buddy, How are you?  I am fine.  Love, Me.  P.S.  Write back soon.  Into a drawer or a basket or even a bowl, put your model along with your address book (when you find it), paper, envelopes and a couple of pens.  When you buy stamps (pretty ones!) put some of those in, too.


Now, the next time someone is on your mind do them two incredible favors:  Say a prayer for them, and send them the gift of a letter.  You have plenty to say:  You were on my mind; I said a prayer for you; Love, Me. P.S.  Please write back soon, I’m enclosing my stamped and addressed envelope with paper inside.  P.P.S.  I’ll send you a pen if yours are all out of ink – I just bought some new ones!