Inkspill No. 12: Vote the Word

I couldn’t make a post to top this one of my daughter Hannah’s.

Pilgrim 839

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My Bible is big, fat, heavy, with gold-edged pages and my name engraved on its red leather front. The finest gift, by far, that I have ever bought myself. Of course, what makes it special is not its cover but what’s inside it. Wisdom is more valuable than rubies, and to find it every time I open my Bible is to find treasure beyond price–each and every day. Cultivating this reverent attitude toward scripture does wonders for one’s spiritual growth. For if you don’t value the Word, how will you believe it? And if you don’t believe it, how can it change your life?

I say all this to make an important point, which is that a distinction must be made between facts and truth. While the world is full of malleable, temporal facts, there is only one source of truth, and that is the Word of God (John…

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