Spiritual Spring Cleaning, Betsy DeVos Temptations, Real Men and MUCH More Today at 2:00 MT

Tune in at 2:00 mountain time today:

  1.  Go to 1360am.co
  2. Wait for it, then click on “Live Radio”
  3. Enjoy!

Today’s show is about adventure vs. stagnation, about turning our negative and fearful “yeah, but” into “YEAH, BUT!!!!!” here’s what God has to say about that negative mess!”

I’ll be featuring a great book about real men, a real man Founding Father, and Real Man John Parker will be doing in-depth forgiveness coaching.

We’ll be reaching for and heading toward the light today with beautiful words from the painter of light, Thomas Kincade, and I’ll be shedding a little light on some words written about Betsy DeVos and the culture war.

All that and more today on the Home Front Show, so call a friend and join in!


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