Support Your Local Sheriff and Re-criminalizing Marijuana in Colorado!!!

Call everyone and anyone and tell them to tune in to The Home Front Show today, Friday the 7th, at 2:00 Mountain Time!

Larimer County Justin Smith will be joining us to educate and inform us about the impact of Amendment 64 (legalization of marijuana) on all our lives in Colorado.

If you want to see this law overturned, and need ammo and direction and facts and figures, if you want to know how to talk to people who think “it’s not that bad” or “it’s not as bad as alcohol” or “it’s bringing revenue to our schools” join us!

If you know anyone in any other state who has concerns or questions about this subject, call, Facebook, tweet, e-mail:  This is important!  As Sheriff Smith will attest from firsthand experience, this law has had horrible economic and social effects on our state.

Tell it like this:

Go to at 2:00 Mountain Time today and click on “Live Radio” and get your ammo and your info. 

People, we can’t let this slide.  We can’t just lament that our kids use pot more than any other in the nation, that indigents with criminal records have flooded in here, that our jails are running over, all for a few tax dollars.

Join us, and mark your calendar for next Friday as well.  Because this is going to be such a great and helpful broadcast, we will re-air it Friday the 14th.



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