And Just Look at Me Now!

I called in to a radio show about 23 years ago, and was so nervous I hyperventilated and made a complete fool of myself.

But in just a few minutes (2:00 Mountain Time every Friday) I will wax eloquent about all sorts of things, including freedom from money worries, the four words that strike fear into brave men’s hearts, a Valentine’s Day challenge, putting the garbage in life where it belongs (in the trash), understanding the forces against Original Intent as regards our Constitution, why we love A Little Princess, and much more.

I will not be the least bit nervous, and God gets all the glory for that.  I highly recommend you not make statements about things you aren’t good at, and that you put your past failures where they belong (that would be in the past), and watch what God can do.  Then you, too, can say, “And just look at me now!”

Join me and call a loved one.  Say this:  go to and tune in to The Home Front Show!

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