It’s Saturday – Butter Your Brownies!

Duncan Hines chewy fudge brownie mixes were speaking to me.  “You need a treat,” John encouraged me as we shopped together Friday evening.  But I didn’t need a treat before bedtime.  What I needed was a good night’s sleep followed by an early morning brownie and coffee party with whatever beloved (all my housemates are my beloveds) might be awake, or with myself, also a beloved of mine.

“Why,” Hannah queried this morning as we licked the bowl, “Do these taste better than homemade?”

“Probably because we don’t have the right recipe,” I said.  And probably because, as good as Duncan does with his brownies, I doctor them to make them even better.  I butter my brownies.


Hannah and I chatted as I mixed the mix, and I consequently used the recommended oil instead of my usual butter/peanut butter improvement.  Easily remedied.  I would butter them when they were finished, all nice and warm.

I did remember to add coconut and walnuts (normally I add vanilla and a bit of salt as well) and watched them carefully, being sure to take them out of the oven when they were barely, or even not quite, done.  Later, for elevenses perhaps, we would have a “real” breakfast – sausages, scrambled eggs with cream cheese, cinnamon toast with peaches, and tea.

But for now chocolate would be the proper way to begin a Saturday.

Hannah and I buttered our brownies, and Hannah added peanut butter to her saucer as well.  We drank our coffee and talked, wondering when the wafting scent of brownies would “wake the dead” as is usual.  Sure enough, Benjamin soon joined us, rubbing his hands together, and asking as though it was too good be true, “Brownies for breakfast?”

These put him in the mood to write, and off he went.  Next up was Rebekah who simply broke into laughter at the sight and scent of brownies.  John wouldn’t be all that enthusiastic, I reasoned, but Seth would think he’d died in his sleep and was having breakfast in Heaven if I were to take him brownies and coffee in bed.

I did so, and Seth opened his eyes only slightly, but his smile was clear and bright as Colorado winter sunshine.  “Thanks,  Mom.  You’re the best.”

Buttered brownies to start the day.  Who knows what might follow?


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